Haute Cuisine Can Be Healthy

Butter and cream have long been staples of chefs at fancy restaurants. That might be changing. A handful of top chefs are voluntarily following standards set by a new system called SPE, short for sanitas per escam (Latin for “health through food” that stresses healthy, local, seasonal ingredients combined in a way that enhances their nutritional value. Time magazine reports that the program’s 90 page charter “details such things as eking more iron from plant-based foods by combining them with vitamin C-rich produce… In dishes with naturally salty ingredients like olives or soy sauce, adding foods rich in potassium…(which) can counteract salt’s effect in raising blood pressure. Tomatoes, meanwhile are better in a sauce rather than served raw because healthy oils help release the cancer-fighting compound lycopene, which is fat soluble. Fancy food that’s good AND good for you? That’s a great idea we can all live with!

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Hats off to Rick Warren

I’ve got to hand it to Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA. Not only has he managed to take off 35 pounds in the past 18 months (he still has a little way to go before you could call him “fit”), but he has found a way to inspire his entire (and very large) congregation to follow along. Together they have shed a collective 260,000 lbs. And they have accomplished this without resorting to gastric bypass surgery or medically based weight-loss programs. The Daniel Plan, as he calls it, is essentially an adjustment in lifestyle choices that put folks back into alignment with natural principles that govern all life on Earth. In my self-help novel, The Way Back, I promote the very same and simple message. The way back to vibrant health need not be complicated, does not involve any specialized skills or training and doesn’t need to cost a fortune. One needs nothing more than a sincere desire to improve their health and a willingness to change.

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Self-Care – The Cure for (nearly) Whatever Ails You.

As Merry and I begin this blog, the one thing we want to be clear with you about is this – we firmly believe that most of the pain, weight-gain, fatigue (etc. etc. etc.) that folks suffer with are a direct result of lousy life-style and eating habits. Between us, we have nearly 30 years experience helping people get well and stay well by teaching them how to take good care of their bodies. Pain, weight-gain and brain-drain is not normal at ANY age. NOBODY is destined to suffer the kind of physical and mental decline so common in our country. If you are ready to take charge of your health and enjoy a long and disease-free life, stick around. Watch for our first few blogs coming soon and get into the conversation.

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