“I love this book! What The Celestine Prophecy was for the
mind, The Way Back is for the body.” – C. Swirkal

“A fun read that changes the way you think about living life, in
so light a manner that you hardly notice it happening.” – J.K.

“The lessons woven into the author’s personal adventure taught
me so much, it has really inspired me to take better care of
myself and live a healthier life.” – E. Crystal

“As you flip the final page of this book, you’ll want to go forth
with its precious lessons under your belt and change the world!”
– Z. R.

The Way Back – Heal Your Self, Heal The World, nutritionist Sam Rose’s tale of man and Earth, is equal parts rich parable and enriching resource. Rose weaves into his story a treasure trove of health-based and environmental truths that are as old as time, though long obscured by forces within the man-made world. Rich in gentle humor and age-old wisdom, The Way Back is a stirring, tender-hearted tale of one man’s awakening; full of eye-opening knowledge for anyone embarking on the journey to better health.

Sam Rose, CN MS

Sam Rose, CN MS, is the founder and head nutritionist of Rose Nutrition Center in West Los Angeles. He has been in practice since nineteen ninetythree and has helped thousands of clients, including some of the top names in Hollywood, achieve their health goals. Rose holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a master’s degree in Nutrition and a certification in Nutrition Counseling. He has been a radio commentator for the “Natural Health Link” radio program on KIEV AM Los Angeles, and is a former co-host of the one hour weekly radio program “Home Nutrition” on KYPA AM Los Angeles.

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